Vinyl is making a comeback! Where to get your vinyl?

There a number of good record shops in the south for all you vinyl junkies  who still collect the black stuff. We have listed 5 of our favourites which are worth a visit. Most stores concentrate on LPs and CDs. Those in Aldershot and Wilton, nr Salisbury have a big selection of 45s.

If you know of other good independent stores we should promote, please post details on our site.  Charity Shops often have Motown LPs and the Oxfam shops at Southampton and Winchester do unearth a few good records from time to time.

If you are interested in seeing a big selection of vinyl and cds there are  a number of record fairs in our area (see fairs and records shops). If you want to see a really large collection of stalls the Bristol Record Fair and Reading Mammoth Fairs are really good, although most dealers want cash.

Of course, the internet is now also a great market place. Some of our favourite sites include: great site for buying and selling – John Manship Records- big selection 45`s from the £5 to `00`s pounds – big selection of motown, northern & modern 45`s -originals and issues

Amazon and e-bay also sell vinyl and cds. Happy hunting!

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