Introducing Vintage Soul Sounds

Your DJ’s James & Christine Rowley

Playing from Technics Decks, Vintage 45 rpm singles across a range of Motown & Soul Artists from the 1960’s to 80’s.  We bring along a selection of over 500 records to each Party and will try to play requests where we have it with us.

We have previously, in the past DJ’d at events in Norfolk/Suffolk. Since we moved to the Basingstoke area, we wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the Motown Nights in the 1970’s and the Caister Soul Weekends held in Norfolk.

Retro 60’s 70’s & 80’s Nights playing original vinyl with hand picked artists from each decade.  You can dress up or just come as you are, sing, dance but most importantly have fun.

We support a number of Charities including, St Micheal’s Hospice, Hospital Radio Basingstoke, Mayor’s Community Chest Appeal & Wey Valley Radio.

Vintage Soul Sounds

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