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During the sixties, the best known clubs in the South playing Soul Music with live artists like Geno Washington and Jimmy James were in London at places like the Flamingo in Soho and the Marquee Club.

Some of these hosted evenings playing imported black music records and others held all- nighters.  Many British Artists also had hits covering these amazing records such as the Beatles, Georgie Fame, The Animals, Dusty Springfield  and Wayne Fontana.

The music of 45 record labels like Tamla Motown, Atlantic,  Stax, Chess and Sue Records was played in the sixties clubs and introduced a generation of fans to black dance music.

As well as emulating the dance steps and fashions of their heroes, many of the sixties mods liked more obscure imported records, which used to change hands for good prices.  The peak popularity for Motown Records in the UK was the end of the 1960’s, when many Motown Records were re-released due to popular demand.

Motown was also able to capitalise on this demand by releasing the successful series of Chartbusters albums. Throughout the 70s, Motown was played at the Mecca clubs in the south, such as the Southampton Top Rank and the sound of Philadelphia and disco gradually filtered in.

This site is dedicated to those who still want to hear those classic old soul sounds and want to know where to find them in the south.

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